Committee for Master students without an ETH Bachelor (MoEB)

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What we do

Our goal is to make the lives of Computer Science MSc students without an ETH Bachelor easier by acting as a central point of contact, by representing their interests vis-à-vis the Department, and by better integrating them into the student community. We do not replace the department's educational administration and academic counseling services, but complement these by cooperating with them, and specifically addressing issues pertinent to MSc students without an ETH Bachelor. So if you have a BSc (or similar)

  • from a university outside Switzerland,
  • from a Swiss university other than ETH,
  • or from a Swiss University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule),

and you have

  • a general question regarding your studies (e.g. organizing your study plan, the mentoring system, the Foundations of Computer Science exams),
  • a suggestion,
  • or a complaint,

then don't hesitate to contact us at moeb ät We will try to answer your question, or at the very least point you into the direction of someone who knows the answer.


The idea

To make new MSc students who come from other universities feel right at home, we are creating a coaching group consisting of senior Computer Science MSc students without an ETH Bachelor who support the newly arrived students during their first weeks at ETH. Each new student will be automatically assigned a coach at the beginning of the semester, and the coach actively supports his or her students by meeting with them and helping them out when it comes to choosing courses, creating the study plan, managing time and other very practical questions.

Benefits for the students

  • They get individual support to help them get their studies started as quickly as possible
  • They get to know other (new and old) MSc students

Benefits for the coaches

  • They get to know new people :)
  • They will be in a position to pass on their experience to others
  • They work together in a group

So if you're an MSc student without an ETH Bachelor, and this sounds interesting to you, then don't hesitate to sign up as a coach at moeb ät

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Who we are


Daniel Sampaio

MoEB President

BSc 7th Semester


Anna Mitterer

MoEB Goetti

BSc 5th Semester


Tribhuvanesh Orekondy



Matthias Ganz

former MoEB Präsident

MSc Software Engineering


Hovhannes Hambardzumyan



Karolos Antoniadis



Pavlos Lamprakis



Ivan Puddu



Sumana Srivatsa



In recent years, the Department of Computer Science at ETH has seen growing interest in the Masters program from prospective students of foreign and Swiss universities alike. An international and diverse student body is seen as an enrichment for both the academic environment and daily life in a world which is more connected than ever. At the moment, about 36% of the Computer Science Master students did not obtain their BSc at ETH Zurich, and the trend is growing. In light of this growth, the VIS (the association of the Computer Science students at ETH) decided to found the MoEB committee to serve and represent this significant minority in our community.